BENDIGO Lions Club

Victoria, Australia, District 201V1-4

Welcome to Bendigo Lions Club. The Lions Club of Bendigo Inc is a non-profit, volunteer, service orgnisation. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary work and we enjoy fun and fellowship.




Bendigo, known also officially as Sandhurst in former times, has had an interesting and vibrant history over its 150 or so years.

Its history spans the spectacular gold rush that disrupted the early colonial pastoral leases through to the town and city established on well organized gold production and deep reef mining.

Time and diversification have lead to its current position as a leading provincial city of Victoria, Australia.

Bendigo is a city that is built on gold.

The bedrock on which the city is situated - marine sedimentary slates, sandstones and mudstones showing only simple life forms, had its origin some 500 million years ago

The City of Greater Bendigo is located in the geographic centre of Victoria; about 90 minutes drive north of Melbourne. The region is part of the Jaara Country, the traditional land of people of the Dja Dja Wurrung language. Today, as the major regional centre for north central Victoria and the third largest urban area in Victoria, Bendigo is a vibrant and culturally enriched city renowned for the lifestyle and opportunities it provides its residents and visitors.

The Lions Club of Bendigo was chartered in April 1956.

Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. There are six Lions Clubs in the Bendigo area.

Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of the Association, and the 'We Serve'; motto seen on road signs throughout the country. Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

Clubs may either provide service or raise money for their community.

Most of the money raised goes back into the community, either directly or indirectly through National and International Projects.

History of notable projects for Bendigo Lions Club

 Mirradong Home for Aged Blind Appeal
 Car Raffle
Alexandra Fountain restoration appeal
Illawong Camp
Presented new ambulance to St Johns    ambulance brigade
Glaucoma health appeal
Apex Lions Madisonners project
Playground at Peter Harcourt Centre and another at Illawong
Fund raising for family who lost home in fire
Street furniture for Hargreaves Mall
Ash Wednesday appeal 
Assisted with Kangaroo Flat Lions Park
Christmas Tree lights in Pall Mall
Smoke detector for pensioners project
Recording machine for Talking Advertiser for vision impaired
Scholarship for Radiology graduate working in Bendigo    
Other support provided: assisted many underprivileged children and orphans with events like a trip to Luna Park; walking machines for disabled children; contributed to Lions International projects and many smaller projects every year. Provided support for bushfire victims by way of fundraising and assisting in community activities. Then again to victims of the floods in 2010-2011

Annual activities and projects:
Bendigo International Madison, since 1971  Tom Flood Sports Centre
 Magic Show  fundraiser for the Sanctuary for Kids Childrens Ward of Bendigo Hospital
Youth of the Year
Charity Bowls Night  Bendigo Bowling Club
 Carols by Candlelight  Canterbury Park
 Christmas Cakes since 1968
 Lion Mints
 Lions Hearing Dogs
 Righteous Pups

Monthly fundraising activities :
 Sausage sizzles 

Past Presidents

C. H. JEFFREY, Charter President, 20th April 1956

C. H. JEFFREY, President 1956-57

F. NANCARROW 1957-58

C. T. WILLOUGHBY 1958-59

J. W. MARWICK 1959-60

L. C. TANDY 1960-61

H. 0. HAYHOW 1961-62

F.M. TAYLOR 1962-63

W. C. CRAMER 1963-64

F. T. DUNPHY (Dec.) 1964-65

R. L. CAMPBELL 1965-66

R. BAKES 1966-67

C. ROSE 1967-68

R. MAY 1968-69

F. C. DYETT 1969-70

W. B. ARMSTRONG 1970-71

T. McCABE 1971-72

J. RUBY 1972-73

L. GILLIES 1973-74

B. COLBOURNE 1974-75

B. REED 1975-76

A. McMEEKEN (Dec.) 1976-77

D. WAKE 1977-78

R. COLLIS 1978-79

S. BIGGS 1979-80

R. HOPKINS 1980-81

D. CAMPBELL 1981-82

G. COOPER 1982-83

J. CLARK 1983-84

J. BLANDTHORN (Dec.) 1984-85

J. CLARK 1984-85

L. BENNETT 1985-86

P. KULK 1986-87

B. ANDERSON 1987-88

N. BATESON 1988-89

D. JONES 1989-90

A. McMEEKEN (Dec.) 1990-91

R. MASTERS 1991-92

J. McKENNA 1992-93

1. FERN 1993-94

A. ROGERS 1994-95

F. BUFFHAM 1995-96


A. WATERS 1997-98

S. ARMSTRONG 1998-99

J. MURPHY 1999-00

G. MACDONALD 2000-01

K. MARTIN 2001-02

K. MARTIN 2002-03

J. KERR 2003-04

C. JAMES 2004-05

J. MURPHY 2005-06

K. MARTIN 2006-07

A. ROGERS 2007-08

D. PATTERSON 2008-09

D. PATTERSON 2009-10

G. MACDONALD 2010-2011

K. MARTIN 2011-2012

D. PATTERSON 2012-2013

W. DRUMMOND 2013-2014

D. PATTERSON 2014-2015

R. HAIGH 2015-2016


REBECCA DAY 2017 - 2018


STEVE McHARDY 2019 - 2020